The Philadelphia Association of Paralegals offers eight (8) membership categories so that our members are comprised of a diverse group of individuals and organizations. 

They are as follows: 

  1. Voting Members ($85.00 annual membership): Any person who is employed as a paralegal may apply to become a Voting Member and upon approval of application will be entitled to one vote on all matters which require the vote of members of PAP.
  2. Voting Membership (PAP) with Non-Voting Philadelphia Bar Association Membership ($140.00): Open to any person currently employed as a paralegal. We are pleased to partner with the Philadelphia Bar Association in offering memberships to both associations at a discounted rate. The Bar provides numerous benefits available only to members, one of which is a semimonthly classified e-mail that has traditionally included many paralegal positions. You can find a list of exclusive member benefits here.
  3. Associate Members ($75.00): Open to any person who has been employed as a paralegal within the past two years, but who is not employed at the time of application for membership. Any Associate Member may, upon satisfaction of the requirements for Voting Membership and payment of the balance required to equal the annual dues of a Voting Member, become a Voting Member. Associate Members are considered non-voting members of PAP.
  4. Institutional Sustaining Members ($175.00): Open to any institution, such as an educational institution offering a paralegal studies program, that does not meet the requirements of the aforementioned memberships. Institutional Sustaining Membership is a non-voting membership class.
  5. Public Interest ($40.00): Open to any paralegal who is employed full-time for a public service agency.
  6. Emeritus ($40.00): Open to any retired paralegal and/or any former board member no longer working as a traditional paralegal.
  7. Student Members ($35.00): Open to any person currently enrolled in a Paralegal Studies Program or who has completed a formal Paralegal Studies Program within one year. Student members are encouraged to join and become active in committees. Student membership may be converted to Voting, Associate or Sustaining if the student member’s status changes upon completion of their course of study.
  8. Dual Member ($55.00).  Open to any person who is a member, whether voting, student or associate, of another NFPA county affiliated paralegal association and whose membership dues to NFPA have been paid through such other association for the current year.

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